24, 2006 permalink Visit eHarmony My first experience was with a guy eH fixed me up with…we had loads in common; I was thrilled! After 3 weeks of emailing each other with great success we decided it was time to speak on the phone. This guy who was so articulate on emails, was so severely intoxicated on the phone I couldn’t even understand him! He was so out of it he passed out. I was shocked! AdultFriendFriendFinder me???? hmmmmmm…. He said he was hit and recoperating and souded “freaked out” asked me not to call that number again with some lame excuses said he would see me in a few days…Last I herd form him. Verdict: Married!! Anyhow. Eharmony or free dating services, they are all the same…paying are no screend. Buyer be are. PS My other friend I met on E-harmony has sent 4 girls money for plane AdultFriendFriendFinder up/on alert, and don’t reveal a lot of personal information [where you live or work] until you are confident you are not meeting someone married, or dodgy, etc, and introduce them on about 3rd meeting to a friend for their later honest feedback… I DO believe I would still be single if not for internet dating, but it was also a lot of luck, and our compatibility ie: shared politics, values, AdultFriendFriendFinder b/c I’m telling you, if I’m having trouble with it, there are lots having trouble with it. And one of them might be somebody that’s not emailing me back b/c they can’t figure out what the next step is or get discouraged b/c it’s too hard or too time consuming to deduce what it is. And I’m taking that personally that you’re messing with my future. I’m sending these suggestions in the most AdultFriendFriendFinder and a clear idea of exactly what they want in a relationship. Yahoo and Match have become dumping grounds for the emotionally unstable, the fickled, the super-picky, the socially introverted, and otherwise maladjusted personalities. It’s a rip-off and disappointment for both men and women, although the nutcases out there deserve to piss each other off. If you want to pay someone to ignore

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